A guide to understanding and applying for a directors ID

A guide to understanding and applying for a directors ID In November 2021, the Federal Government introduced a new regulation that requires all business directors to have a directors ID. Under the new regulation, directors must verify their identity and apply for a unique 15-digit ID number will stay with you for life. This ID […]

Navigating a post-COVID world for businesses – what you need to know

As COVID restrictions begin to ease around New South Wales, businesses are beginning to reopen and operate under new safety guidelines. The switch to ‘normality’, however, isn’t so simple. As each business begins to reopen, each will face their own set of challenges. Despite this, all businesses are facing similar concerns. Where do you begin […]

A simple guide to fringe benefits tax

Fringe benefits tax (FBT) was first introduced into legislation in 1986 and is a tax on items given to your employees that excludes wages or salaries. Prior to the introduction of FBT, businesses were able to provide incentive gifts to employees tax-free. This included gifts like cars, corporate boxes, and lunches – with very little […]