Pro-active HR & ER - avoid non compliance penalties

Written on the 14 June 2011 by Workforce Guardian

With just a few weeks of the financial year left, it is a good time to check on your employment relations situation and avoid falling prey to the penalties of non-compliance.

1. Directors Personally Liable on Super

The director penalty regime will be extended to include the superannuation guarantee from 1 July 2011. From this time, directors will be held personally liable for their companies' failure to pay employee superannuation.

2. Paid Parental Scheme Administration

As I'm sure you all know, the Government funded Paid Parental leave scheme was brought in at the start of the year. As of 1 July, however, all businesses will be responsible for administering the scheme.

3. Annual leave loading on termination

A new approach being endorsed by the Fair Work Ombudsman requires annual leave loading on accrued annual leave balances to be paid out when employment ends - even if a Modern Award does not require leave loading to be paid on termination.

4. Fair Work Inspections

The Fair Work Ombudsman's office makes no secret of it's continuous education program and on-site inspections. However, a visit from a Fair Work Inspector is rarely good news for any business.

5. New Minimum Award Wages

Fair Work Australia has announced the country's minimum wage workers will receive a pay rise of $19.40 per week. This year's minimum wage decision also benefits workers across the pay spectrum by awarding a 3.4% wage rise to all Modern Award workers.


Contact Warren or Mark to discuss any issues you have. These extra responsibilities can also create a need to reconstruct how you engage employees. Call us to review your situation.

Author: Workforce Guardian




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