Macmillans - Accountants can link all your software elements together.

We can help you choose the right Accounting Software.

Do you find yourself lost after buying business software from an electronics or office supplies store? We have seen many businesses spend thousands of dollars on software that doesn't fit their business and then see it sit unused.

As accountants, we have sampled nearly all software solutions and can provide advice as to which product is best for you. We are also partners of MYOB, Quicken, BankLink and other software providers so we can provide you with the right product for you at a competitive price. Once you have the right product, we can even provide training and further support to make sure you get value for money. 

For more information regarding accounting and business software, please call on 02 4933 4444 or complete our contact form for a prompt reply.


Link your statements directly to your accounts. 

BankLink has been providing solutions for small businesses for over 20 years. Today BankLink's products and services are used to streamline the processing of over 300,000 small businesses in Australia and New Zealand.

The BankLink Service collects an electronic copy of your bank statement, directly from your financial institution and delivers it straight to us. This enables us to complete your bookwork more efficiently and accurately. Using add-on software services, such as TimeSaver Plus we can further cut down the time you spend on your book work.

We are certain that we can save you time by reducing manual data entry and duplication. Your statement information is totally secure, as The BankLink Service complies with the stringent international security requirements of all the major banks and financial institutions.

The BankLink Service is designed to save time and money for businesses like yours. You can read more about BankLink here.

Contact us today - turn the hours that you spend on your accounts into minutes.


InvoicePlus is an invoicing and debtor management solution. 

Suited to small business, InvoicePlus is designed to make managing your invoicing and debtors as quick and simple as possible. It speeds up the invoicing process, so that you can spend more time running and building your business.

Read more about InvoicePlus here.

For more information or for an obligation free trial please contact us.


PayablesPlus is a supplier and creditor management solution.

Suited to small business, PayablesPlus is designed to make keeping track of incoming invoices and credit notes as simple as possible. It speeds up the payment process, so that you can spend more time running and building your business.

Read more about PayablesPlus here.

For more information or for an obligation free trial please contact us.


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